Tales of bizarre events across the horseracing community


The bizarre luck of Chris Meehan

Some people have bad lucks, some even experience worst lucks in their lives and then there is the case of Chris Meehan. The jockey experienced the most unusual of accidents on 19th of July, 2016. Taking part in a hurdle event in Merano in Italy, Chris Meehan accidentally fell off his saddle.

The fall was a bad one, as, Meehan’s face connected with the horse’s hoof which led to breaking of his nose and jaw. The 22-year-old jockey was knocked unconscious after the incident. Many people and doctors on site came rushing to help Meehan. He was straightened in a recovery position with his right leg outstretched. The ambulance reached and inadvertently parked straight on to Meehan’s leg. The jockey’s leg broke on the spot courtesy of the people who were there to help him.

Chris Meehan was later admitted to the hospital where he received 27 stitches and treatment not only for his broken nose and jaw but also for his leg and dislocated ankle.


Winner by just the smallest of margins

Everyone enjoys a tight race finish. The contestants giving it their all only to take home the prize by the smallest of margins. This is a similar yet a fortunate case of win by Anthony Knott.

Anthony Knott was on the race course for a long 28 years but never managed to win in all those years. The best Knott ever came up with was a fifth place in a race. But in 2008, Anthony Knott was having the best race of his life at the Wincanton race course and was in the lead position. Almost near the end, the jockey stood up from his saddle and started waving at the crowd, a premature victory celebration. This almost cost him his victory, as another horse came from behind and nearly won the race. Fortunately, Knott, came back to his sense and finally won his first race by just two lengths.


The legendary Les Boots

Being labelled as the worst jockey in the world, is not an ideal name tag one would want to carry around. Les Boots was considered just that. The jockey never won a race in his 18 years span and fell off 40 times. He even fell off an ambulance once.

While riding in an ambulance after falling from a horse, Les rolled out of the back of the ambulance while being carried for a broken leg. The jockey maintained his humour though and now jokes about those incidents.