Latest Horse Racing News (Week 4 October 2018)

Idaho voters are now faced with the prospect of reviving historical horseracing

November 6 marks the date when supporters of Proposition 1 will lock horns in courtroom conundrum with the opposition. The voting about to held in Blaine County will see racing machines incorporated at Idaho Race Tracks. It would also bless them with a greyhound race track in Post Falls. Much like the old school machines, bettors’ wager, first, second, and third-place bettors will be displayed on the machine. Save Idaho Horse Racing, the group fighting for the decision explained the legal conundrum and said the pari-mutuel betting, which their system uses is in correspondence to the Idaho law.

Their argument relies on the dependency of other machines network, which can be corrected if they use Las Vegas-style slot machine. The opposition though does not find it fit enough and presence of murkiness will always be there. The opposition does make a strong case as similar machines were revoked back in 2015. A lumpsum amount would go to bettors, whereas 0.5% of it will be rewarded to Idaho Public School and 1% would be passed to Idaho State Racing Commission.


Celebrity chef Bobby Flay with his views on Horse Racing

Bobby Flay is an enigmatic character in the Food universe, but his interests are not only limited to Cordon Bleu or New York Cheesecake. An avid follower of horseracing, Flay commented on the positive side of a sport slowly getting oblivious. Speaking on the rapid deterioration of fanbase in horseracing, Flay identifies it as a critical juncture of the history of the sport and lack of awareness and advertisement has only fuelled it towards boredom.

Flay revealed his way of hooking potential fans to horseracing by making them look at the informal side of it. Flay feels horseracing shouldn’t only be confined to racing, but include conversations, drinks, and food, in other words, a polite way of commercializing the sport.


Plans to advertise horse racing project on Sydney House Opera causes uproar

The architectural magnifique that has been host to some of the biggest stars ever to be born is now facing the prospect of getting defined as any other advertisement billboard. New South Wales Government has let a horse racing project “Everest” also expected to be World’s richest to find its way on the sails of Opera House. Willy Hall, son of Peter Hall who masterminded the Opera House has lashed out at the decision and feels his father would be “sickened” by the thought of it.