Latest Horse Racing News (Week 4 February 2018)

The whipping of horses isn’t seen as a noble effort in Australia

Horseracing has never hogged the limelight like most of the other sports in the World, but can be considered one of the most valuable sports monetarily. Horseracing dates back to centuries, and has always been questioned for its nobility. The preparation of horses for the racing has changed in recent times, but whipping remains an integral part. However, a poll in Australia revealed that majority of its population wants a ban on whipping. The poll is of significance as most of the voters were followers of horseracing, and said that they would watch it even with the whipping banned.

The poll showed only 25% of the voters would not be interesting in racing if whipping was banned. Whipping of horses or any animals in general is a sensitive issue and has raised concerns over animal safety, although in horseracing many believe the secret to win lies on how well whipped and trained your horse is. The poll does not only reflect awareness against animal cruelty (a relative term) in Australia, but shows a gradual change all over the World. However, a strong case can also be made against the poll as whipping is tradition in many places, and data shows whipping increases the speed of the horse.


Australian horse racing maligned due to text exchanges in reference to doping

The news of doping scandal involving a well-known trainer and a stable staff has awakened Australian horseracing community. Sources haven’t been authenticated yet, but the newspaper agency that made the claim has also revealed text messages involving the above persons. Eight people in total are to be charged, and the scandal has spread its roots to the 2015 Melbourne Cup as well. Languages like “top-up’, and “wheelbarrow” have been used, which suggest prohibited substances and method of injecting it respectively. The eight-person charged have a long history of cases pinned against them that adds up to 271.


Ted Durcan retires with his head held high

There aren’t many jockeys left in present, who believes proper nurturing of a horse is the right way to win any competition, and one of the few hung up his boots recently, Ted Durcan. A man known for his horsemanship and amiable personality, Durcan has mastered the field for 25-years. Durcan expressed that he still has years under his belt, but he does not want to “overstay his welcome”, and feels this is the right time for him to call it a day, and move on with his life. However, his recent injury concerns may have acted as a catalyst, but having said that Ted Durcan can consider his job done.