Latest Horse Racing News (Week 1 April 2018)

Virginia Horseracing may finally break its shackles

Once the home of Secretariat, Virginia’s legendary thoroughbred was once on the covers of coveted magazines after he managed to win the Triple Crown in 1973 creating a record at that time. From there on many thought that Virginia would start to breed and bask in the glory of thoroughbreds and it could become a booming industry. Things spiralled down badly and now it is known for steeplechase racing. Horseracing was part of Virginia since the time of the Colonials and the antics of Secretariat was a juggernaut.

A recent legislative has been proposed to open the gates of Colonial Downs, the heart and soul of Virginia horseracing, and in this case literally as it is solitary flat track racing venue for Thoroughbreds. This will not only flourish the economy, but revive the Virginians as a part of their history. A bland statistic show that thoroughbred racings have dropped from 2300 in a year to 333 in a span of 17 years starting from 1997. The passing of the legislative will do no good, if other revenue sources are not thought of. Historical horse racing machines may be a part of the legislative, which will account for popularity throughout the nation.


Denis Hogan will be pinning his hopes on her superstar mare

Denis Hogan’s fortune took an ominous turn when he became the jockey of YouCantCallherThat after she glazed past races effortlessly. However, he will be looking up to her and expect a thunderbolt performance from her. However, he remains weary of the fact that her biggest win came about a fortnight ago, and readying her up for such a crucial race would be a gamble to say the least. However, Denis thinks that taking on the likes of BenieDesDieux and Shattered Love would prove to be a worthy contest. Denis will also expect his remaining three runners to come up with the goods.


Getabird gets his redemption

Much was expected from Getabird when he bolted through the doors of Cheltenham Festival, but his menace quickly faded away, and the 6-year old was subjected to harsh scrutiny. However, in the latest two-mile Grade Two he stamped his authority under Paul Townend and marked his foothold with 12 lengths clear. Willie Mullins was extremely pleased with his performance and lauded Paul for his bravery.