Jockey Russell Baze, Retiring

Russell Baze, the most decorated jockey in horse racing history, announced his retirement from the sport on Monday, the 13th of June 2016.

The jockey has the most career wins in the history of North American thoroughbred horse racing history. The 57-year old jockey was a native of Vancouver in Canada and was inducted in both the Canadian Horseracing Hall of Fame and the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame in the United States. He has been winning horse races all his life, with his peers feting him back in 2002 with the George Woolf Memorial Award. He won his first race in October 1974 and went on to enjoy a stellar career that culminated with a final win at the 10th race in Golden Gate Fields, California.

The highlight of his career as a jockey came in 1995 when he was accorded a Special Eclipse Award for being the first professional jockey to rack up 400 or more horse racing wins in a row for a period stretching over four years. Before him, jockey Laffit Pincay Jr. was North America’s top horse riding jockey with 9,530 victories. However, jockey Russell Baze surpassed this record with his 9,531st win on 1st December 2006 in San Mateo, California. He retires after dominating the horse races for decades, and his remarkable record of 12,842 horse race wins may never be eclipsed as most observers in the sporting discipline foresee the record as one that will stand for years to come before it is broken by another North American.

In fact, his only rival is a South American from Brazilian, who is about 100 horse race wins shy of breaking Russell Baze’s record as the former is still active while the latter has thrown his hat in the ring. The active jockey in question is 55 years old Jorge Ricardo from Brazil. Russell Baze has been a jockey for the better part of the past 43 years, and most of the gamblers will be sad to see him exit the horse racing arena as his victories have amassed over $199,300 in monetary winnings. Interesting enough is the fact that Russell Baze hails from a family of jockeys as his father was one and he has numerous other relatives actively involved in the horse racing sport.

Save for a fractured collarbone that he sustained early in April this year, jockey Russel Baze has managed to stay injury free for the most of his career in horse riding. It is also amazing to note that Russell Baze has recorded above 400 horse race wins in a calendar year on 13 separate occasions, remaining the first man to do so as no other jockey has attained that fete for more than three times. The secret, or not so secret, to his success has been his stand-out work ethic that has made him the best rider for his generation. He is a married man with one son and three daughters, and he plans to spend his free time with them for the foreseeable future. His agent and friend, Mr Harris, has been with him since 1979 to cap one of the longest association between an agent and his jockey in the history of horse racing.