Horse Racing Explained

orse racing may be an exciting stuff for you. If you are much interested towards this, then you can get the best way to enjoy it only if you spare sometime in knowing more about the same. There are various kinds of horse races available there. Harness horse races are popular in some areas of the world. It has got its peculiarities. Here are some of the popular horse races in the world.

Allowance Race

A race that is of non-claiming in nature and it is meant to be used for the younger horses which are not ready for going through stakes competition or for the horses which are not on sale. These races can get limited with nonwinners or with the number of entries to the ones which have never won. Weight allowances may also be considered.

All Weather Races or Flat Races

This is the race which is conducted on the artificial surface that is built with the special purpose of sustaining any racing weather conditions. The flat raced can be organized at any point of time in a year, but they are very commonly found to get organized during winter. It is an amazing way to enjoy the race.

Amateur Race

This is the kind of the horse race in which you can find only amateur jockeys in it. The amateur jockeys are identified with the title of Miss, Mr or Mrs, prefixed to their name.

Apprentice Races

These are horse races that are meant to be participated only by the apprentice jockeys. They can claim the weight allowance as per the rules that are there in the specific race or with the experience that they have. In the jump races, an apprentice is also called a conditional jockey.

Bumper or Jump Races

This is the special kind of the hunt races which are open for those horses which are trained to jump for giving them a better experience in the racing competition. They do have amateur jockeys too in them.

Claiming Races

These are the races which are held with the major motive of buying or selling the horse. Trainers may give some handicap to horses for reflecting their value. After the whole race is over, the runners may be available for sale or can be bought. This kind of race has the provision for claiming the winner by the owner.

Handicap Races

This is the kind of horse race in which horses of different abilities are allowed to compete. This is much entertaining and fairer as you get to see handicapped horses of specific weights to do the things as per the abilities that they have. The handicaps are usually made as per the official rating of the horse.Other horses can keep defying the handicapper by winning their races narrowly. It is very difficult to judge how much a simple winner may have in hand, so there is a lot of guesswork involved.

Harness Racing

This is the kind of the race where horses are allowed to compete by itself in a specific speed. The horses may pull cart that has got two wheels or cart without anybody.